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What is Microsoft One Drive

A Place to Put Your Stuff

When anyone has a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 they typically will receive a “One Drive” account.   (If you have access to 0365 through a corporate account, One Drive is automatically included and it’s normally, by default, available to all users.  It is however possible for your corporate IT Department to “turn off” One Drive.  (This is sometimes done for security reasons)

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Building a SharePoint Intranet... Not So Fast

Building a SharePoint Intranet is like rubbing Aladdin's lamp…

People know it’s powerful but they rub it before they've formulated their wish. And just like all the stories you hear, the results are funny, unless you are the one holding the lamp.

The analogy really holds true. Most organizations fail to adequately plan their SharePoint projects and so they fail. But while only about 10% of SharePoint projects (on average) are considered initially successful by their project teams, less than 1% of customers switch to a different platform.

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There's Real SharePoint Adoption and then there's just adding "Social"

People are doing some pretty crazy things…

in order to try to drive much higher rates of adoption for SharePoint in the enterprise.  Over the last year an enormous amount of attention has been given to weaving various types of social communication systems into the SharePoint environment.  The theory seems to be that since these types of communication systems are popular as stand-alone systems, blending them into a SharePoint environment will provide a reason for more employees to enter the SharePoint environment.

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How NOT to write a SharePoint RFP or RFQ

So your organization needs some IT Development done…

Let’s say an intranet, public facing portal or similar project. Let’s also say you’re the lucky manager that gets tasked with directing the outsourcing of the project.

“No big deal,” you say to yourself. You’ll Just:

  • Gather some input from several of the involved department managers

  • Knock out a multi-page description of the project

  • Attach 15 pages of required purchasing terms and conditions

  • Launch it to 3 or 4 qualified organizations and pick the best response on the basis of price.

Piece of cake, right?

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