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SharePoint is the leading platform for the development and deployment of Corporate Intranets and Client Extranets.

Unfortunately over 80% of SharePoint deployments are considered "unsuccessful" by their own project managers.

The results typically include poor adoption, over exposed confidential information and expensive rebuilding.

These webinars are designed to show Senior Level Managers how they can quickly assess the health of their SharePoint investments, identify specific issues and get them fixed, fast.


Webinar Introduction Video

Bridging the gap to prevent failed SharePoint projects.

SharePoint Interventions: Prevention
Executive Series

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 10:00-10:30 AM PDT

About to Start a new SharePoint Project? 

Despite the popularity of SharePoint, most projects fail. In just 20 minutes, this executive level webinar will identify the common pitfalls that cause most project failures and equip you with a list of key questions to identify your exposure.  After the webinar you'll be able to meet with your Project Leads to see if your project is on track or in need of a SharePoint Intervention. 

Migrating SharePoint to the cloud requires planning and preparation.

SharePoint Interventions: "Migration Prep"
Executive Series

Wednesday, October 2nd, 10:00-10:30 AM PDT

Are you REALLY ready to migrate?

Everyone knows that moving your SharePoint Intranet to the Cloud lowers infrastructure and support costs.  Don't lose those savings by neglecting to eliminate the ROT (Redundant, Outdated and Trivial) before moving. Attend this executive level webinar to understand why your Intranet needs to be prepared for the move and how it needs to be done.

Without proper planning, SharePoint projects can be stressful.

SharePoint Interventions: The Cure
Executive Series

Wednesday, September 18th, 10:00-10:30 AM PDT

Is your SharePoint Intranet "Unpopular"?

Poor "adoption" by employees is a common sign of a failed project that is often abandoned and rebuilt at considerable expense.  This webinar will equip you with a list of key questions that will instantly reveal the nature and magnitude of the problem.  You'll also see how existing Intranets can be quickly restructured rather than having to be rebuilt.

Proper employee training simplifies SharePoint adoption.

SharePoint Interventions: Training & Support

Wednesday, October 9th,  10:00-10:30 AM PDT

Stop Wasting Money on SharePoint Training

Over 46% of employees say poor training is the reason for low SharePoint adoption.  But most SharePoint End User training is composed of 2-day "boot-camps" that cost hundreds of dollars per person.  The Answer? Automate SharePoint Training and Support. Attend this webinar to see how you can equip SharePoint to train and support your users while saving 80%!