Yes, Squarespace!

  Powerful Magic    That's just right for small business.

Powerful Magic

That's just right for small business.

Magic, You Can Master

Small Business needs full function websites more than ever, but most platforms are too expensive, too hard to use and require the site owner to manage security and maintenance. Enter Squarespace... It's perfect for Business Websites because:

  • It's feature rich yet easy to learn
  • It's a fraction of the cost of ASP.net or SharePoint
  • All maintenance & security updates are included
  • Your site is responsive and mobile compliant

We love SharePoint and ASP.net for large Portals and Intranets, but for small business websites nothing beats Squarespace.

  Your Website    Working for you 24/7.

Your Website

Working for you 24/7.

Imagine What You Can Do.

The folks at Squarespace have designed the platform around the needs of small business and have built in features that include:

  • Stunning designs and layouts
  • Service and product offering pages
  • Shopping cart and Amazon linking
  • Forms, Email collection & MailChimp Integration
  • Traffic analysis and analytics

and much, much more. 

So how can Jack Frost Design help you achieve your business website goals with Squarespace?

  Jump Start Your Site   Build your first site in a day with JFD

Jump Start Your Site
Build your first site in a day with JFD

"Jump Start" Your Site with a One Day Bootcamp

JFD hosts 1 Day (6 hour) Squarespace "Bootcamps" where we work with small business owners to assist them in creating their first Squarespace site.

  • Set Up a Free Squarespace Account
  • Build a Starter Site about Your Business
  • Build a handful of Pages that...
    • Establish Your Credibility
    • Describe your Services
    • Process a "Take Action" Form 
  • Learn How to Maintain and Grow Your Site

These Bi-Monthly Bootcamps are intended for Small Business Owners possessing a recent laptop and moderate Microsoft Office Skills.  Interested? Click the link below to discuss how to prepair for your Bootcamp.



Take it Further with "One on One" Working Sessions

Once you have your core site built you can call on JFD for custom implementation support for: 

  • Adding Products
  • Adding Video
  • Building a Blog
  • Linking to Social Media
  • Mailing List Management

These 1 to 2 hour sessions can take place at our offices or online.  Click the link below to schedule a brief conversation about your goals and availability.