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Can SharePoint Online and Office 365 be used as a Records Management System?

We asked the experts… Then we tried it.

Recently we undertook a project to create a “textbook” Records Management system for a municipal utility.  It was going to be built in SharePoint 2016 (on premise) and they wanted the entire implementation to be without the use of custom code.

Their criteria for a true SharePoint-based Records Management System was…

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes in Office 365 and SharePoint Deployments

Today it’s all about the cloud, and why not?

The benefits to supplying your organization with a high-quality implementation of Office 365 closely integrated with a SharePoint Intranet and Microsoft Exchange are irrefutable. Having these three powerful application environments skillfully implemented and professionally maintained by Microsoft eliminates an enormous amount of technical headaches while saving most organizations considerable cash.

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How NOT to write a SharePoint RFP or RFQ

So your organization needs some IT Development done…

Let’s say an intranet, public facing portal or similar project. Let’s also say you’re the lucky manager that gets tasked with directing the outsourcing of the project.

“No big deal,” you say to yourself. You’ll Just:

  • Gather some input from several of the involved department managers

  • Knock out a multi-page description of the project

  • Attach 15 pages of required purchasing terms and conditions

  • Launch it to 3 or 4 qualified organizations and pick the best response on the basis of price.

Piece of cake, right?

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