SharePoint Interventions

The Cure

Don’t Worry! Your Project can be saved!

SharePoint is a fantastic product, BUT:

  • Only 11% of Projects are Successful

    (AIIM Industry Watch)

  • SharePoint isn’t the Problem

    “less than 8% - are considering replacement with an alternative product, and only 1% have actually done so.” *

    Most Projects are Built 3 Times

    Failed Projects/Site Collections are Routinely DELETED and rebuilt TWICE before they are “Adopted or Accepted”.

Only 11% of SharePoint projects are successful.

Common Reasons for Failure

Fortunately, thanks in no small part to exhaustive surveys by AIIM.org, the root causes of SharePoint project failures are well-known.  The major factors are always:

  • No Clear Goals or Scope

  • Not Enough Planning

  • Inadequate User Training

To avoid failure you need a proven process that insures that each requirement is met.


The Jack Frost Design SPi - The Cure Process

If you are about to delete a failed project, DON’T!

We have a proven process and track record for saving stalled or failed SharePoint Projects. JFD can assist you or lead the effort to save your project by executing this process:

  1. Train the Project Team in SharePoint

  2. Create a Goals and Scope Specification

  3. Blueprint a Site Collection that Supports the Goals within the Scope

  4. Create Site Wireframes that Identify the Required Features*

  5. Create Layout Pages that Control Page Functionality

  6. Use the SharePoints “Content & Structure” Feature to Rearrange the Current Site Collection into the New Structure

  7. Use Power Shell Commands to Relocate Site Content

  8. Use PowerShell Commands to Reset Site Permissions

  9. Apply Layout Pages to Existing Sites to “Fix” Bad Site/Page Layout

  10. Train the Users


Do you Need a SharePoint Intervention?

If your SharePoint project has issues, you might need a SharePoint intervention.

Do You Have Any of these Symptoms?

  • Project is over Budget and Exceeding Timelines

  • Adding Expensive 3rd Party Products

  • Making Changes During the Build

  • Can’t Find Anything

  • Hard to Navigate

  • Poor Adoption

If you answered Yes to any of these questions we should talk…