SharePoint Interventions


SharePoint Interventions - Prevention

SharePoint is a fantastic product…

Unfortunately most organizations simply "deploy" SharePoint, give a handful of middle managers their own sites, send a few individuals to two day training "boot camps" and let the Intranet grow "Organically".

The typical result is a sprawling, difficult to navigate, poorly adopted security nightmare. 

Common Reasons for Failure

Fortunately, thanks in no small part to exhaustive surveys by AIIM.org, the root causes of SharePoint project failures are well-known.  The major factors are always:

  • No Clear Goals or Scope

  • Not Enough Planning

  • Inadequate User Training

To avoid failure you need a proven process that insures that each requirement is met.

Process to prevent SharePoint project failure

The Jack Frost Design SPi - Prevention Process

If you are about to start a project, stop & verify that you have done the following:

  1. Train the Project Team Members in SharePoint FIRST
    They can't "design" an Intranet if they don't know SharePoints capabilities.

  2. Clearly Establish the Purpose of the Intranet
    What are the quantifiable Goals?

  3. Clearly Establish the Scope
    Set limits to prevent project creep

  4. Blueprint the Structure
    Document the arrangement of sites that support the goals within the scope

  5. Define the Templates for each Site
    Including required functions, features and layouts

  6. Create a Site Collection Specification
    Document every Site, Its name, purpose, owner, members, libraries, lists, etc.

  7. Build the Intranet
    Assemble the Structure utilizing the approved Site templates.

  8. Train the Intranet Members.
    Train all Intranet members with a built-in online video library.


Do you Need a SharePoint Intervention?

Do You Have Any of these Symptoms?

  • Project is over Budget and Exceeding Timelines

  • Adding Expensive 3rd Party Products

  • Making Changes During the Build

  • Can’t Find Anything

  • Hard to Navigate

  • Poor Adoption

We have prescriptions for preventing failures and curing damaged projects.