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SharePoint Training Sites

JFD's I-Assist Video Training Site is a revolutionary way of training your entire organization.  By embedding a video training site in your SharePoint environment training is always:

  • available
  • effective
  • right for your organization   

The SharePoint Video tutorials are:

  • Targeted to visitors, contributors and SharePoint site owners
  • Short, focused and delivered on-demand on a specific task
  • Professionally narrated with visual instructions to guide the viewer
Knowledge Work Curriculum
We start with an outstanding core curriculum delivering a solid foundation of SharePoint education that:
  • makes knowledge workers competent
  • lowers support costs
  • communicates SharePoint governance and guidelines
  • improves SharePoint adoption

                   Learn more about the IAssist Training Curriculum

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One-on-One or Team SharePoint Training

We also offer expert instructor-led online and onsite SharePoint Training courses for Developers, Designers, Site Owners and Business Users.

We offer an in-depth and hands-on curriculum, and taught by our own SharePoint Experts who are excellent communicators.  Our clients and attendees have found our hands-on training engaging and enjoyable.

The course material is custom prepared to match our curriculum and the step-by-step hands-on approach helps practice the skills taught in class.

Custom Training
Our Subject Matter Experts can assist your organization in learning the ropes of SharePoint or train your IT Department on how to complete a specific endeavor.

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Interested in learning more about how JFD Training offerings?   Take one of these next steps:

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We would like to chat with you live and answer any questions you might have. And thank you for allowing us to demonstrate what true reliability, expertise and professionalism means. 

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