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 Ready Made Solutions


Ready Made vs Tailor Made

Over the years the team at JFD has been asked by clients for tailor made business solutions whose functions are similar in scope. When we identify a solution that will benefit the commercial and non-commercial business sector we develop ready-made solutions. These solutions include software, installation and support options.

At Jack Frost Design we have further reduced the cost of implementing portals and intranets by taking the most common configurations and designs and implementing them as turnkey solutions.

Benefits of Ready-Made over Tailor-Made 

​Ready-made Solution ​​Tailor-made Solution
Save Development Time​ Requires Longer Development Time​
Lower cost ​Higher costs
​Prebuilt Add-Ons Readily Available Custom add-ons built during development

If your requirement is specific to a business need and customizations are required tailor made solutions made be a better option.

Check out the following Ready-Made Solutions developed by JFD:

Interested in learning more about how JFD can help with your next project.  We'd like to chat with you live - 800-551-6989, but if you are shy, in a hurry or prefer that we contact you, online works too. Let's connect and demonstrate what makes JFD the right Partner.  



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