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Social Service and Child Care organizations of today experience many business challenges and the constant issue of limited funding. Organizations need to be equipped to lower their administrative costs while providing exceptionally high levels of customer service to their communities. Many agencies are looking for ways to streamline their processes, cut their costs, and become overall more productive in an effort to stay afloat.

At JFD, our experience in developing online services for the Social Service and Child Care industry led us to develop a family of ready-made web portal solutions. These solutions enable organizations to realize enormous cost savings created by distribution, completion and processing of forms via the Internet.  Social Service and Child Care organizations are now able to dramatically reduce their paper costs, replenish staff time, and save on resources.

The Issues You Face

Today’s Social Service and Child Care organization face the daunting task of managing multiple State and Federal Contracts, overseeing various program offerings, and managing staff that are typically in multiple locations.
These issues can be challenging and throw roadblocks in the way of delivering high-quality service the communities they serve.

The Solution
Fortunately, technological development provides an opportunity to employ effective, efficient  and easy to use solutions to obtain client information and reduce errors without burdening already overloaded staff. In fact, the products and solutions for providing these functions online are now available and can be installed as a "turnkey" product or plugged in as a modular component.
The products are designed to be incredibly simple to use, and are perfect for organizations with or without a dedicated IT team.

Paperwork Distribution "Tamed"   Your organization can finally realize the cost savings of going "paperless"- or at least experience a reduction on the overwhelming amount of paper.

Easy To Maintain  Text editing to your website's content can now be completed in an Internet Browser- no software to install to make text edits.

Ready to Go   Each I-Assist Product comes fully loaded with over 100 professional and licensed images that have been carefully selected for the Social Service and Child Care industry. With a variety of images of diverse children and families, your web portal can be relatable to your visitors. Each I-Assist Product also comes with professionally written content on each page- yours to use, delete, or edit.

Increased Program Enrollment   With online forms, information available 24 hours a day, and the web portal making it so simple for a client to enroll in a program, participation will grow and customer service will be strengthened.

Decreased Wasted Staff Time  Give your staff their time back! With information readily available, Contact Us forms for inquiries, and PDF forms available for visitors to access, staff time will be freed up from having to respond to phone call inquiries and emails.

Ability to Administer Application Forms   Stop printing and throwing away thousands of Application Forms! The I-Assist line allows for Organizations to upload their own PDF forms for clients to download and complete; saving your organization the paper, time, and distribution costs.

Take Donations Online   The I-Assist Online Donation system secures donations and allows donors to select which department, activity or event they wish to sponsor with their donation.

And They're Affordable
You need options. We understand. Our Products can be purchased over time or leased.  EasyPay can help you manage the initial cost of your purchase, with low monthly payment options.  It’s an easy and affordable way to do more with your money and budget.

Let's Get Started
Download the Brochure with full product details or call today to schedule a free, private online demonstration at your convenience. 1-800-551-6989 - Option 1.   

 800-551-6989 Option 1




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