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SharePoint Interventions
  • Introduction

​Each year, thousands of organizations launch SharePoint “Organically” and watch it grow into something sprawling, unrecognizable and ultimately, useless.

So it comes as no surprise that the 2015 AIIM survey reveals “nearly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress”.
aiim-unsuccessful.jpgKey Findings:
“26% of respondents report that their SharePoint project has stalled…”*
“37% have struggled to meet their original expectations…”*
“63% with suboptimum installations…”*

“The good news is that compared to our survey in 2013, the number of organizations reporting a successful SharePoint project has increased from 6% to 11%.” *
So, 89% ofthe majority of SharePoint Projects are not considered "successful".
However, in spite of the high failure rate, 99% of companies continue with SharePoint, starting over and repeating the same mistakes! 

* Quotes and Chart from Survey 2015.


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