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Public Facing Sites
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JFD, Experts in Public Facing SharePoint.

Jack Frost Design Public Facing SharePoint SitesJack Frost Design has designed, built and branded public facing SharePoint sites for the private and public sectors for over a decade.

We are one of the SharePoint Branding Pioneers who, in 2003, weathered the storm, and overcame the challenges to achieve what has eluded many... A well branded public facing SharePoint site that securely submits forms into a back end intranet for processing and workflows.

Portals without Enterprise?  We can implement secure public facing sites with SharePoint Foundation or Enterprise, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

No matter what the complexity of your branding or business challenge, engaging with JFD to design, develop and implement your public facing site will produce an extraordinary business tool for your customers and company.




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