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  • Ca. Dept. of Business Oversight

California Department of Business Oversight

SharePoint 2013 Solution Unifies Staff and Collaborative Thinking 

DBO-Home-Image.PNGThe California Department of Business Oversight (formerly the Department of Corporations and Department of Financial Institutions) needed to merge two distinct lines-of-business (LOB) that have been in existence for over 50 years, each serving different groups of people.  They wanted to provide their newly formed entity a collaboration, communication and document management method and deliver it state-wide as a unified system.  The stakeholders also wanted to restructure their intranet/extranet to better represent the organization in order to bringing teams closer and simplify processes.
DBO wanted to provide
a collaboration, communication and state-wide document management system.
Business Needs
DBO was no stranger to the struggle that many enterprises face when it comes to finding content across their enterprise.  Wasted time, loss of productivity and multiple organically grown intranet environments led Senior Management to search for a solution to this problem, which resulted in them partnering and contracting with Jack Frost Design (JFD).
As a result of the planning phase JFD championed, DBO extend the capabilities of the new Intranet/Extranet by organizing the environment so the user experience was enhanced and consistent, document findability was improved and information was easier to access by the staff members in the field.
DBO chose Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 to deploy its unified Intranet/Extranet strategy, which would later become known as the DBOVault.  Their environment would provide staff in four locations, in addition to their field staff, with a single source for information and a single place to access key processes through a state-wide and state branded SharePoint portal.  JFD made the migration and integration of the DFI and DCO SharePoint 2007 content to the new DBO SharePoint environment fast and easy with minimal development costs.  As a result, the DBO team was able to free-up precious time and resources to focus on the site owner user experience. 

DBO's solution has improved the user experience and brought the Department of Corporations and Financial Institutions teams together into a convenient, easy access environment.   Staff can access the information they need in the office, in the field or at home. 
An additional benefit worth noting is the Employee and Management Tools area which provides staff with a one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date forms, policies and procedures. 
Simplified Processes
DBO's Senior Staff members needed to streamline and simplify the process of approving key department documents.   The Executive document management and approval system JFD developed provides access to approximately 50 individuals that are normally involved in the approval of key department documents and press releases.
This special, executive document management system (the ExecutiveVault) operates in a single SharePoint Library. JFD developed the library with four different individual "views." Participants can enter the ExecutiveVault site and take immediately action on documents needing their attention in their own digital "In-Basket" or follow documents created by them through the entire approval process.
The Four Different Views
Your In-Basket:   Provides participants with the documents that have been passed to them for modification, review or approval.  The "Modified By" column shows the participant who passed the document and the "Current Task" column provides the participant the information as to why the document has been passed or what action needs to be taken.

Still Checked Out To You:  Alerts participants to documents that are in another staff member's “In-Basket” but are still “Checked-Out” to the individual who created or modified the document.  This is the "warning system" to check a document back in ASAP.

Documents Created By You:  This area provide participants with a tracking method for documents they created/added.  Document owners can always see where the document is in the refinement or approval process.

All Documents:  This area provides participants a view of all of the documents in the system.  Participants can filter or sort the all documents list by clicking on any column title.

The ExecutiveVault management and approval system is a better way to collaborate during the creation or management of key documents.  In addition to the traditional track changes, the Staff and Senior Management can review, what changed, when it changed, who changed it, along with why it was changed and determine if a participant or department was not included in the document modification or approval process.  
User Friendly SharePoint Look and Feel   DBO knew they wanted to provide an environment where anything related to SharePoint had the same branded and polished style as the state template.   Making sweeping improvements in the user interface was important to Senior Management and most of the site owners.  JFD's 12 years of experience in branding SharePoint, along with their careful consideration of page structure and layout has provided a dynamic user experience that migrates.

DBO-Training-image.PNGTraining   DBO invested in the infrastructure and then they invested in their Staff by providing a variety of training tools and training sessions.    JFD's Visitor, Member and Site Owner Video Training Curriculum was recorded from within the DBOVault and made available to the Staff via the Support Site.   The JFD team members join the DBO SharePoint User Group Training meetings on a monthly basis and even JFD's CEO has participated in DBO's one-on-one site-owner trainings.
The organization has committed to SharePoint as its long-term document and records management platform and is currently exploring ways of driving greater value from its investment.   The next phase of deployment will focus on customer service, records management, business processes, forms and workflows.
If you would like to se a demonstration of how the features mentioned in this site operate, just request a demonstration by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this page.
Jack Frost Design (JFD) provides business technology services that connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft technologies to help large enterprise clients realize results.  Founded in 1968 JFD is a national technology integrator specializing in the Microsoft enterprise platform.

JFD offers a range of solutions that can help your organization optimize its infrastructure, build and integrate efficient Microsoft .NET applications, foster collaboration and better information sharing and deploy strategic business solutions within your existing environment.   JFD's solutions leverage our deep technical skills, ready-to-use assets, and best practices to ensure client achieve business goals.




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