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​The JFD Difference

Jack Frost Design is proud to announce that we've been in business for 45 years.
Over that period of time we've gone through a lot of changes.  When we first started out in this business the tools of the trade were the 3 “P”'s…  Pens, Pencils and Press-type.  Today everything is digital and most of it ends up on the web.  I guess in a way we still have our three “P”’s, but they're more likely to be Pixels, Photoshop and Portals.

Professionally ParanoidBut really, the key to our longevity wasn't the tools we used or even our willingness to eagerly change with the times, but rather our insistence that we not only satisfy our customers but that we do the worrying for them.
It's not always easy for a new client to trust their marketing or operational projects to a third party, no matter how strong their references might be.  There are always concerns: will the project be delivered on time, will it look and operate the way it's supposed to, will it “work”?
The real key to the success of Jack Frost Design has been to take very seriously the leap of faith, or "trust" that our clients initially place in us.  The value that we place on their trust has caused us to develop an internal philosophy that we refer to as "Professionally Paranoid". 
Being Professionally Paranoid means that we double and triple check everything.  We firmly believe that if something can go wrong it will go wrong and at the worst possible time.  This has led to the creation of very structured internal policies and procedures, including the blueprinting of every project and the development of a very sophisticated project management system.  And just to make sure that all of the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed we have incorporated the Professionally Paranoid  Philosophy into our company's DNA and celebrated it with its own logo.
So when you see the Professionally Paranoid  logo, remember…  Professionally Paranoid isn't just what we do, it's really what makes JFD . . . well, JFD. It's our drive to do more than what our Contracts, Service Agreements and guarantees say we will. It's our need to make a difference every day for every customer that trusted us with their projects. It's our promise that you will not only have your project but your peace of mind.
From day one we've been about creating and delivering powerful brands, communicating clear messages, creating customer calls to action and automating technology for our clients, and nothing else. That's 45 years of unprecedented experience at your beck and call.
So when you first work with us you may be surprised by the little Professionally Paranoid  logo that you'll see in the corners of many of our documents .  Just remember it's our assurance to you that we are Alive, we are Driven and you can say goodbye to sleepless nights.
Our project managers, developers, designers, video producers, engineers, system administrators, editors, production and management will do all the worrying so you don't have to.

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