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Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District SharePoint Web Portal Serves its Customers

SharePoint Redesign aims to extend the District's Programs - January 20th, 2014

The newly redesigned web portal for the Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District is live on the World Wide Web. aims to extend the reach of the District’s programs by serving its online visitors with a new customer centric site. The new web site features expanded program content and online forms allowing customers to ask billing questions and Title Companies to request Payoff Demand quotations. “The new site will help us assist our customers more efficiently,” stated Jennifer Kaiser Public Information Officer for Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District..

The redesign incorporates modern colors and completely new navigational tools. A new left-hand navigation menu provides visitors with a series of “I want to” options and quickly leads to a wide array of intuitive customer choices. The top navigation is organized to provide quick and direct access to visitors who prefer more traditional functionality. And if a visitor is not sure exactly where to look for specific information on, the newly developed site-wide search engine will help. 

Among the features on’s homepage, "What’s Happening" provides information on the District’s meetings and events. It can quickly take visitors to a monthly calendar so they can find the event they’re looking for and download event documents or information. The dynamic Highlights” feature brings what’s of current interest to the forefront. And for the first time, visitors can subscribe to the District’s bi-monthly newsletter “Currents” online.

The Jack Frost Design team has been developing the new design over the past four months, working with VSFCD’s staff to better support the organization’s ongoing efforts to enhance the information provided to the community. "The District’s online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of the District’s online resources available," says Cynthia Colmenares, CEO of Jack Frost Design. "It's a cyberspace open house we we’re delighted to make more dynamic and automated.”

“This new modern, colorful and mobile design was created specifically for an online audience of both general visitors and customers," Colmenares said. "Packed with high-quality images, events and news, that will be constantly updated, the site will help make the District’s information resources more attractive and accessible to a local audience of all ages and backgrounds."

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