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Jack Frost Design and Cricket Wireless Recognized for Intranet Excellence

SharePoint Redesign Named Finalist by Ragan Communications - April 21st, 2014

Each year Ragan Communications, a leader in the world of corporate communications strategy and analytics, announces their nominations for the best employee communications projects. Jack Frost Design is proud to announce that the company's work, in partnership with Cricket Wireless on the "The Cricket Connection" SharePoint portal, has been recognized as a finalist for Best Intranet of 2013.

ragan Full details of the award and other finalists can be found at the Ragan Communications website:

With more than 5,000 users in the US, Cricket Wireless needed a successful intranet to connect employees to the information they need.

“A successfully implemented intranet can be a boon to any size enterprise,” said Cynthia Colmenares, CEO of Jack Frost Design. “The best corporate intranets are built with the user in mind - and can improve workflow and function beyond a communications portal and document library.”

The previous incarnation of SharePoint at Cricket Wireless suffered from many traditional intranet problems: poor architecture, an absence of brand guidelines or graphic consistency, inadequate search functionality, duplicated information and no governance to speak of. Too many people had too much access and not enough people used it. Cricket Wireless needed an easy and attractive way for employees to search for and find information and reduce their email load - and they needed help.

“As we searched for a design firm to assist with our intranet, expertise with SharePoint was critical," said Jennifer LeBlanc, Senior Analyst, Corporate Communications, Cricket Wireless. “Jack Frost Design kept us focused on our users and helped to develop a crisp, clean and deeply usable platform.”

With more than a decade of experience within SharePoint, Jack Frost Design is uniquely positioned to provide clients with both technical and creative recommendations that improve the quality of workflow and system use.

As with any internal implementation, employee buy-in is critical to the project’s success. User-focused development and a home page rich with valuable information was key. “If you create with the end user in mind, they will support you," LeBlanc said. Today, the home page of The Cricket Connection is teeming with useful information, local calendars and weather, and employee recognition.

Templates are critical to brand consistency for any intranet. For The Cricket Connection, Jack Frost Design created templates for document libraries, master pages and custom layout pages. The use of these branded templates eliminated the need for HTML coding and ensured consistent branding throughout the system. The company also assisted with training to maximize employee use.

On April 16, Ragan Communications announced that The Cricket Connection had received an Honorable Mention for Best Intranet of 2013.

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