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 Digital Libraries


Having worked with multiple public libraries across the country on the strategic planning for their digital library web portals, JFD is uniquely qualified to offer libraries our planning, creative and technical "Thought Leadership."

Our expertise assists Libraries in identifying:

  • Forward thinking digital online activities for their communities and audiences
  • User Interface philosophies in order to simplify the visitor experience
  • Web Portal Site Structure strategies
  • Digital Library elements that support Brick and Mortar activities
  • Digital Library activities to improve community participation online and on premise
  • Online Forms and Business automation to support Patron's needs while lowering costs
  • Effective digital library promotion essentials
  • Mobile standards
  • Social Media implementations

What is included in our iAssessment Strategic Planning Solution?

  • Detailed analysis of the current site, according to the following criteria:
    • Clarity of Communication
    • Accessibility
    • Consistency
    • Navigation
    • Design
    • Visual Presentation
    • Dynamic Interaction
    • Patron and Staff surveys
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Current Website Analysis Report, Vision Document and Workbook
    • Current Web Functional Blueprint
    • Revised 2nd Generation Web Blueprint
    • Final iAssessment Analysis Report & Recommendations


A Digital Library iAssessment results in a laser-sharp detailed specification based on stakeholder interviews, collaboration, and an assessment of the current site's usability and technology. The accompany iAssessment Vision document provides the new site requirements in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the stakeholders. 

JFD leads the Library Staff and Stakeholders through the development of a site specifications and portal blueprint (roadmap). 

Digital Library iAssessment projects take approximately 8-12 weeks, and can be accomplished online or on premise.

Next Steps:
To get more information about our Digital Library Services, take that next step and contact us.  We made it convenient to contact online and cost effective to chat with us live by dial 800-551-6989.


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