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Your Own Online iBrandCenterMonitor_Marketing_Strategy.jpg is a customizable marketing and communications portal in the Cloud that allows your organization to access, edit and order the marketing assets you need through an efficient and automated online solution. is offered as a Software as a Service Marketing Solution, providing authenticated users the functionality to quickly and easily produce the professional marketing materials they need without damaging your brand.

Key Benefits

  • Centralizing Marketing Assets in one place provides authenticated users the ultimate access.
  • Corporate templates are configured to allow the editing of text and images in designated areas and based on the user’s permissions templates can still provide complete control.
  • monitors internal and external processes and provides a start to finish workflow.
  • By streamlining processes the costs of marketing communication can be dramatically reduced and provide a substantial impact to the organization’s bottom line.
  • Authenticated Users can find the marketing materials they need through the powerful search tools available in
  • The software analytics provide insights as to the use of specific marketing materials and assists with material resource management.  Receive reports by template download, user access and budget requirements.
  • Hours of online branding, brochure design, color philosophy, and effective content and messaging training to certify your own brand champions.

Share Marketing Plans Across the Organization
Make it easy for other departments, field locations, sales representative or franchisees to learn about marketing plans, quarterly promotions, corporate events or a new product or service datasheet through Authorized Brand Champions and Contributors can publish marketing plans and Alert authorized users just by uploading and launching plans.

The Marketing Resource Center offers field Agents, Multiple Locations, Sales Reps, Franchisees either templates or marketing pieces while Corporate Marketing Teams maintain control over your company’s key branding elements. You determine which branding elements are fixed and which are flexible.
The Design-It Center offers a centralized ordering process for all users. Customized marketing requirements can be managed and approved by Corporate, budget and P.O. approvals can be managed by purchasing and print orders can flow directly to approved print vendors for the ultimate automated workflow process.
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