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Say Goodbye to Binders of Board Briefs, Documents, Paper and Printing


For many Boards, the hefty stack of paper, briefing books, minutes and agendas sent to Directors before meetings and given to them at board conferences are being replaced with an IPad, Mobile Phone or Netbook and an internet connection.

iBoardMeeting is a Cloud solution providing authenticated board members and senior staff members board documents, resources, calendar synchronization, project and task management tools, discussion boards and voting options - all from an easy to use online portal.

iBoardMeeting allows administrative assistants the ability to upload documents and compile board briefing books in any format and generate board agendas, minutes and resolutions before and during board meetings.

Sharing Knowledge Across The Board
iBoardMeeting makes it easy to find and make the most of your businesses intellectual capital.   It enables you to locate files, plans and reports.  iBoardMeeting provides access to the people and teams that contribute strategic knowledge to your organization. And iBoardMeeting provides tools to organize the vital information you need when you need it.

Is iBoardMeeting Right for Your Board of Directors?IBoard_Monitor.png

  • Do we want to streamline and improve communications between members?
  • Do we want to improve the flow of information, scheduling and document reviews?
  • Do we want to enhance our process of assigning and accountability of tasks and projects?
  • Do we want to reduce extra clutter from emails and paper?
  • Do we want to save time and resources from preparing and managing the Board to 
    focus on other initiatives? 
  • Do we want to protect our information and assets with a secure SAS-70 server?
  • Do we want a simple, easy to adopt solution to improving the Board's operations?

If your answer is YES! download the IBoardMeeting Brochure or contact us for a Demonstration.

iBoardMeeting Features

Board Announcements - Post the latest news or important updates
Board and Committee Event Calendar - Schedule/reschedule and provide updated details on meetings; synchronize Board Member's personal calendars so everyone is conveniently updated at once
Board Document Libraries - Organize and archive important board documents, minutes, agendas and by-laws. Easy to read data attached to each document allows for document creation, modification and upload tracking.   
Project Management - Assign and track the tasks leading to a Board Project, such as producing a demonstration for a community event, creating a proposal for stakeholders, or even putting together a fund raising event. View an overall summary of the Project Status to ensure nothing “falls through the cracks”.
Task Component - Provide staff and board members with a list of key tasks.
Discussion Room - Centrally host discussions between Board Members and be alerted when new responses are submitted.

Other Key Features of iBoardMeeting:

  • Automatic Alert notifications
  • Provisioning
  • Document tracking
  • Document check-in/check-out
  • 24/7 training videos 
  • Microsoft Outlook Synchronization
  • Mobile Device compatible
  • Secure
  • Powerful Search capabilities
  • Paperless

Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet, the components of the Board Member Module work together seamlessly to deliver information on-demand while providing your organization the ability to securely manage and share information.

We would like to chat with you and answer any questions or provide a quick quote.  Call us at 800-551-6989 or you can connect with us online.


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