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Measure Twice, Build Once 
Most SharePoint projects fail due to inadequate planning.

In order to clearly define the functional design requirements of an Intranet and determine in what manner the organization's strategic business goals will be woven into its architecture, JFD performs a SharePoint 2010 Intranet I-Assessment.   The JFD I-Assessment provides the following deliverables:

  • Knowledge Transfer and Thought Leadership of the Best Practices used in developing a SharePoint 2010 Intranet
  • A defined in a road map (blue print) of the new functional intranet structure
  • A Functional and Strategic Business Visioning Document which supports the functional intranet blueprint structure.

There are unique needs and challenges in defining requirements for every solution; especially a SharePoint 2010 solution.  JFD has developed its own powerful process that allows us to go into any situation and accurately define the requirements for a given solution.   We believe strongly in planning first, building once, and doing it right the first time.   Our tested formula leads to projects being successful, being delivered on time, and being kept on budget. 

Strategic Assessment Services involves Discovery, Design, Development
Discovery is the first step to a successful project by establishing clear goals, a straI_Assessment_Block.pngtegy for achieving them, a method for measuring results and an implementation date.

Site Blueprint (roadmap) identifies the site collections and site map; reflecting the top-level information architecture to meet the organization requirements.  The site blueprint defines the navigation nomenclature and structure and required functionality such as search, document library requirements (including document versioning requirements), project management requirements, document imaging and content management requirements, in addition to forms, business intelligence dashboards and reports.

The site definition document and blueprint will define technical functions, the types of web parts that can support the business goals. 
The site definition document identifies content types, page layouts, permissions, dynamic requirements, usability requirements and ensures that branding and messaging are included in the site structure.  The content types and content inventory are defined in the site definition document and the site pages are defined in order to create a flow/site that provides an environment for employees to take the action necessary to collaborate and easily share information.

During the course of our meetings we will discuss sub sites including Departments, Business Processes, Resources, Shared Workspaces, and Project Collaboration Sites.  We will discuss the business requirements for Document Versioning, Quick Links, Announcements, the appropriate use for tasks, corporate wide and Departmental calendaring and the level of need for contacts and MySites.

Ask_An_Expert.pngInterested in learning more about how JFD can support your SharePoint project? Need assistance in writing your RFP or mapping your project.  We'd like to Chat with You Live - 800-551-6989, but if you are shy, in a hurry or prefer that we contact you, online works too.

We can connect and demonstrate what makes the JFD IAssessment solution right for you and provide a quote within 2 business days.


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