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 Financial Institutions


With a long history of working in the Financial Services sector, JFD is well positioned to help you fulfill your Public Facing Web Portal and Intranet Business goals.  JFD is a truly a trusted name in the industry with over 45 years in business, marketing, digital marketing and 10 years of SharePoint experience.

Public Facing Web Portals
Today the web portal of a growing community bank, a large financial institution or a nontraditional banking organization, needs to respond to customers online banking needs.  In "Realville, USA" that means:

  • Online Banking Services
  • Intelligent Loan Documents (online forms or intelligent PDFs)
  • Customer Information Security
  • Mobility
  • Easily accessible product information
  • Online Customer Service
  • Client Satisfaction and CEO Video Messaging
  • Social Media Interaction

Does your online banking environment meet customer expectations?   Did we just hear you say... it does not?   So you have to be asking yourself... Why?

  • Maybe, it's because the technology your current site is built in does not allow staff to edit the site in a browser?  How frustrating...there is a solution!
  • Maybe it's because staff resources are just not able to keep up with all of their other tasks and the web portal you have isn't really broken?  How about Plan B...we could augment your team with the resources you need.  
  • Maybe that's why you landed on this page of our site?  

JFD can build your public facing web portal with a CMS that will allow your staff to edit pages in a browser.   If they know Microsoft Office, they will be able to keep your web portal updated.  Financial institutions at every level are relying on software platforms like SharePoint for their Public Facing Web Portals because of the CMS, opportunities for business processes and security capabilities.  

We Can Do the Heavy Lifting or Augment Your Team
JFD’s team of specialists will work with you throughout the evaluation, discovery, development and implementation process. JFD's IT, Development, Engineering, Design, Project Management and Sales Professionals understand financial organization requirements, how to augment your internal teams, and do the heavy lifting when needed.

With a long history of working in the Financial Services sector JFD is well positioned to help you fulfill your Intranet and Public Facing Web Portal business goals. JFD is a truly a trusted name in the industry with over 45 years in business and 10 years in Dot Net and SharePoint experience.

Next Steps
Ask_An_Expert.pngTo get more information about our public facing web portal, video, social media, intelligent document or Dot Net or SharePoint services, take that next step and contact a JFD Expert.   Simply contact us at 1-800-551-8969 Option 1 or online so we can determine if we can earn your business.


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