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Branded Intranets
  • Overview
  • Assessments
  • Process
  • Branding
  • Governance
  • Training

​Intranets...Why all the Excitement?

Simply stated, Corporate Intranets are so popular because, successfully implemented, they provide several key operational benefits to organizations of any size. Intranet_Monitor.png

Successful Intranets Provide:

  • A Company Communications Portal for All Employees
  • Sites and Document Libraries to Store Information Securly and Safely
  • A Search System to Easily Find Documents and Other IP
  • A Foundation For Workflows and Policy Automation 


Unfortunately, many intranet implementations suffer from poor planning, poor implemination or both. 

JFD has developed a process that addresses each of the steps required for a successful implementation.  It starts with an Assessment and ends with a unique approach to Training.

A sound process is the best way to deliver on the potential of this technology and achieve the project goals.




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